Recent News



On April, the adult dyspraxia support group enjoyed a baking session. It attracted good level of interest. The session taught new skills and the members interacted very well with each other.


On June, the adult dyspraxia support group enjoyed a session at Go Climbing, Billingham. The session helped to improve the co-ordination and balance of dyspraxic adults. It was a fun activity.


During the summer, the adult dyspraxia group attended a craft sessionand enjoyed an outing at Yorkshire Wildlife Park on a glorious warm day. The craft demonstrated creativity. At Yorkshire Wildlife Park, we saw a wide variety of animals. It was an enjoyable day.




On April, the parents and children enjoyed a baking session. The children created succinct cake dishes.

On August, we arranged an art slime session. The parents and children enjoyed the session. The session is a great of improving the muscles of dyspraxic children. We are looking to arrange more sessions.



Great North Run

Well done Victoria for completing the Great North Run yesterday. The Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside would like to offer their thanks to Victoria, a mum of a dyspraxic child. It was a great and enjoyable day. Plenty of people watched the race. Donation raised will go toward workshop, activities and raising awareness of dyspraxia.