Please have a look at our video. We would like to thank Jeremy Foreshew for doing the video for the project. Please have a look at the portfolio of work An excellent video maker.

Due to the outbreak of the coranavirus, we will be delivering all sessions online for both adults and parents & children dyspraxia support group sessions. We are following government advice.

Forthcoming events

Youth Social Action project: A project open to 13 to 25 years affected by dyspraxia. The participants will be empowered to design a project like raising awareness of dyspraxia, educating general- public about dyspraxia or anything else. The session will be arranged on 23rd July 6pm.

Talking to dyspraxic celebrities: Members can have a chat and feel inspired by hearing about their journeys of becoming a celebrity. The session will be arranged on 24th July.7pm,

We have starting our first podcast recording through this link , Will be featuring more episodes. Stay tuned. Important announcement about to sessions arranged youth social action project and Talk to dyspraxic celebrities.…/episodes/First-recording-eh324h














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Dyspraxia facebook meet up banner (1)Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside is a charity project under the umbrella of Roseberry Community Consortium.

 Our aim is to help local people affected by dyspraxia. We do this through regular fortnightly meetings with those affected, community engagement with other organisations in the area and by educating people about the condition. 


  • We want to develop awareness, knowledge and understanding of dyspraxia to combat inequality in education and the workplace.
  • The group wants to build strong and trusting partnerships with educational establishments, health professionals, charities within the community and make sure that those with dyspraxia are able to get the relevant help they need.
  • Local people, affected by dyspraxia need a voice in the community and to know they are not alone.
  • We aim to help local people with dyspraxia achieve their goals and help them make informed career choices.
  • Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside aims to empower local people with dyspraxia and help them build in confidence, so they can thereby become more independent in their future.


Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside’s founding member grew up in the Teesside area and was diagnosed with dyspraxia aged 8. He, along with a friend, whose family was also affected, had first-hand experience of dyspraxia and the inevitable struggles it’s linked in education and the workplace. This inspired them to set up an organisation to help others like themselves. In particular, they wanted dyspraxia to be given more recognition and increase the understanding of a condition that is frequently misunderstood. We recognised that there was limited support in the local area for those with dyspraxia over the age of 13. From this age onwards young people are put under extra pressure to make vital decisions such as GCSE subject choices, what kind of job or career they’d like to have in the future, whether they want to go into higher education etc. They are expected to make important life choices and this can feel very daunting. We set up this group to support young adults affected by dyspraxia through this difficult period of their life. We also recognised that this pressure was not something that simply stopped at the age of 18, this is why we offer this support for ages 18+.

Experience shows there is a lack of awareness and recognition about the condition in general. In fact, through a survey we conducted we discovered that only half the population in the local area are aware of what dyspraxia is!

This is a concern as misunderstanding about the condition in mainstream schools and employment means that dyspraxia sufferers don’t always get all the relevant help they need. We want to change this, so local employers and educational practitioners not only recognise and are aware of the condition, but what they can do to help.

Please explore our site for further information.

Supporters of Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside

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