“I volunteered for Dyspraxia Support for several months. Pritthijit is great to work with and for because he is so collaborative and makes you feel valued for your ideas and input. I was allowed as much or as little creative control as I wanted and was able to build different skill sets such as liaising, planning and event management. My experience at Dyspraxia Support and working with Pritthijit led to my first paid marketing role and proved to be incredibly valuable experience. He taught me a lot about dyspraxia and his personal experience makes him ideal for raising awareness for what is often a misunderstood condition considering the amount of people that can be affected. His tireless dedication to improving people’s awareness of the condition and building a support network in Teesside for those affected fills a big void and is very admirable.”

It is amazing to know that one of the founders who has dyspraxia, has established a group to help local people affected by dyspraxia. I am so happy to know more people are giving donations to the group. I even happy that I can witness the attention about the condition from public will increase under the support and guidance from the group.”

Testimonials from our members

Adult dyspraxia Support Group

“Well this group has helped me to find new friends who understand my special needs who I can talk to about my problems without feeling out of place. Plus we do activities together.”

“The Dyspraxia support group championed by Pritthijit is an invaluable benefit to anyone who is affected by Dyspaxia or similar difficulties, allowing people to share problems they have and benefit from each others experience dealing with learning difficulties in both education and working environments.”

“There’s opportunity for service users to be part of the drive to promote dyspraxia awareness. The organiser of the fortnightly sessions, is accommodating to the needs and views. Identified objectives are being acted upon.”

Parents and children dyspraxia support group

It was brilliant thank you so much. I learned more tonight than I have learnt in the last 6 month’s

Here is a video of what our dyspraxic adult members and volunteers testimonials about Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside