Recent News

During these challenging times, we have continued to deliver sessions via zoom. For dyspraxic individuals, support is much needed. Children education has been disrupted by Covid-19. Children with special needs can struggle academically, particularly in handwriting, studying skills, grasping content, following instructions and focus. We have organised handwriting workshops through Visionary Tuition We will be looking to organise handwriting and spelling gramar sessions for dyspraxic children. Will keep you updated.

We have delivered successful sessions that include : Quiz, Creative and Talk to dyspraxic celebrities and youth social action project.

oh yes

A character has been chosen for representing Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside. Well done to entries from under 12 children. One winner has been announced, who drew a bear. We will use it as a permanent mascot for promotional material for dyspraxia support group Teesside.