Industry News: Instagram-Worthy Offices To Wow Gen Z

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Instagram-worthy offices Oatly

  • From pre-pandemic to the current day, how our office looks has changed dramatically. Maddyness outlines how businesses of 2022 need to shift office design to retain the talent of the future.
  • TIME reports on the reimagining of Lever House in NYC as an opportunity to invite a new generation of workers to enjoy it’s original design principles.
  • Wearables are becoming an integral part of the modern workplace, reports Frame. How can this new means of information acquisition help us design healthy workplaces?
  • Architizer shares why architects should never stop drawing by hand.
  • Fast Company gives us a look inside the post-pandemic office: more stairs, better acoustics, and…WiggleRooms?
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