Case Studies


Dyspraxic Members

Issac Davidson joined the group since 2016. He has been a long term member of the group. Apart from dyspraxia, he has also dyslexia and Asperger Syndrome. He enjoys attending the group sessions and speaking to members about his special needs. Issac enjoys reading comics. He has been an active member of the group. In a fundraising event, he was one of head judges for a talent show. The group has given Issac plenty of confidence and build his social skills. He works at Tesco in the weekend.

Adam Bell became a member of the group in 2018. He was staying at home with no work. He is also dyslexic. Since joining the group, he made new friends and connections. In 2019, he found employment working in the hospitality industry. He works on a shift basis. Adam is very creative as a person. He can edit videos. We have given the role of editing the youtube videos.

Amanda Innes is a dedicated volunteer to the group. She and her husband Graham experienced so many struggles to obtain support for her daughter Cerys’s dyspraxia and other related conditions. GP and schools did not help her at all. The group has helped the parents gain a wealth of knowledge about dyspraxia. She contributes in delivering sessions for the group. In 2019, she arranged a chocolate themed session and a craft session


Tamsyn Tait volunteered for the group in 2016. Due to lack of experience, she could not obtain employment in marketing. She gained skills and broadened her experience in marketing and fundraising. In 2016, she took full responsibility in arranging a music event for Dyspraxia Support Group Teesside. She designed the flyer, found a great venue for hosting the event, recruited local bands for the event and made the night successful as we received a good turnout. She build new contacts for the group. She has achieved full -term employment in marketing due to the experience gained in the group. A wonderful and dedicated volunteer.

Thomas Peter at first came across shy, lacking confidence and feeling anxious. Since joining the group, Thomas has gained confidence and made new friends. He has helped in arranging a successful fundraising talent show in 2018 at Billingham Active. He joined the meetings with the venue to improve his skills in communication. He has distributed posters and flyers at local places. He enjoys attending our group activities and events. He is an integral member of the group.

John Evans has a rare muscle disorder. He is affected by social anxiety. At first meeting, he was shy and lacking confidence. We initially assigned him to administrative work building databases in Excel. The cost of a professional designer is very expensive. I asked whether he would be able to design posters. He agreed to do it. The posters he designed was very good. He keeps designing posters and results show his potential in design, which was never discovered. Our aim is to help John to obtain employment in freelance design.